Chillsner Beer Chiller

What beer bottles does the Chillsner fit into?

The Chillsner beer cooler is the World’s first in-bottle beer cooler. Now you can keep your beer cold while you drink. So no need for that warm last gulp that makes you wish you had discarded the beer bottle a few sips before. As you can imagine designing an in-drink cooler is not easy, there is a […]


Shortlist magazine, famous for selecting the best of the best has listed the Corkcicle Colour. It was featured in ‘The Chosen Few’ section under the heading innovative   Home Barware presented by Ben Redhead from Firebox. Shortlist is a well respected weekly publication that covers everything from movies, music, products, lifestyle and loads more. Here is what they had to say […]

The Corkcicle featured in Absolutely Notting Hill

Notting Hill is famous for many things, from the yearly carnival vibrating the whole of London, to Hugh Grant prancing around in a film I have forgotten the name of. But now, the Corkcicle of all things is stealing the limelight in West London. Thanks to Absolutely Notting Hill’s wondrous acknowledgment, in which we are […]

Coloufully cool

The Corkcicle in Colour

After a successful year in the UK for the Corkcicle, we have now broadened our range. The all new vibrant Corkcicle Colour has been introduced to add a splash of colour to wine drinking. This Corkcicle Colour range has been designed to embellish and personalise the Corkcicle to a wider spectrum. With four new pop-inspired […]

Polly tests out the Corkcicle

The Gadget Show Features Corkcicle Wine Chiller

We are delighted that the Corkcicle will be appearing on Channel 5′s The Gadget Show. The show sees The Gadget Show team travel to France where they try out the Corkcicle among other wine gadgets. The Corkcicle looks like a frozen icicle and is made from a freeze gel so it can be reused over […]

Corkcicle - Mr Hyde Wine Guide

Mr Hyde Wine Guide

Having recently signed up to the Mr Hyde email newsletter which is produced by Shortlist, Corkcicle were very pleased to receive the Mr Hyde wine guide in our inbox this morning. You can click to download it here Mr Hyde Wine Guide 2012 The guide features a great selection of white’s and red’s for under […]

Corkcicle wine chiller mona lisa

Third Mona Lisa Found | The Mona Lisa Corkcicle

The art world is taken by storm today, as not only two versions of the Mona Lisa have been discovered and historic third painting has been found. This astounding moment in art history has caused a bit of a kerfuffle for experts however as lovers of the Mona Lisa now have to make comparisons between […]

Corkcicle chills your summer wines

The right wine for summer

The 2012 list of  Wines listing the best wines to serve at your summer barbecue. There is never a more appropriate time to sip wine than at a nice summers barbecue. So we want to ensure that the wine is perfect for these joyous occasions. “Even the most dedicated food-and-wine matcher sometimes goes astray when it comes to a barbecue. Why is […]


Corkcicle Competition TV Choice

TV Choice are running a competition to help you get your hands on a Corkcicle free of charge! Check out this month’s copy to be in with a chance of winning! Corkcicle allows you to keep your white wine at the perfect temperature and brings your overheated reds back down to cellar temperature. Use over […]


Corkcicle In The Press

We are delighted to see the Corkcicle getting some great press in the UK. You might have seen it pop up in the Daily Mail, on This Morning, in BBC Good Food magazine or even in the celebrity magazine OK! You can see a full list of the press Corkcicle has been receiving here. The […]