Corkcicle Colour | Stunning Wineware

Corkcicle ColourThe Corkcicle now comes in 4 amazing colour’s. Blue, Pink, Green and Orange.

The Corkcicle Colour maintains your wines at the perfect temperatures from the inside out by keeping chilled whites chilled and cooling down reds. It’s simply the most colourful way to enjoy perfectly chilled wine, every time. Available in these four pop-influenced colours.

With interchangeable tops you can mix and match colours to create your own eye catching design. These new Corkcicle Colour options bring a fresh splash of colour to your dinner party.

Customers looking to purchase a Corkcicle Colour can click here to find your nearest retailer or click here for purchase options.

The Corkcicle Colour range is distributed exclusively in the UK by Root7. Any interested retailers looking to sell the Corkcicle in their stores should contact Root7 on 0845 500


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