Corkcicle One

Corkcicle One Wine Gadget

Corkcicle One in Freezer CaseCorkcicle One is the ultimate wine cooling, aerating and pouring gadget for any serious wine enthusiast.

Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures is a great dilemma. Too cold and it could mask the vintners uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavours may take a back seat to the alcohol. The Corkcicle One not only solves this, it does a whole lot more!

Chill - The Corkcicle One will keep your wine at the optimum drinking temperature for 45 mins to an hour while on the table or outside at the BBQ.

Aerate - All wines will benefit from aeration. Some need more than others, a super Bordeaux may need to be open for a couple of horus to release all the aromas hidden within where as a nice light Pinot Noir might benefit from 30 minutes contact with air before beign consumed. The Corkcicle One has an aerator built into the spout so as you pour air is mixed with your wine, opening up the bouquet and releasing aromas and flavours you might have missed without aeration.

Pour - The innovative design of the Corkcicle One means you don’t have to remove the Corkcicle while you are pouring. The stopper on the top also allows you to preserve the wine by closing it when not in use.

The Corkcicle One comes in a unique freezer case which is made from extremely strong glass. It looks more like something out of Supermans Fortress of Solitude rather than a useful case for storing your ultimate wine gadget in. You can put into your freezer or if you ant to disposer of the case it can go into your recycling. You can purchase your Corkcicle One here.