Corkcicle History

The story behind the Corkcicle.

There are numerous rumors on how the Corkcicle was born… One being that it was created out of an icicle-rimmed Aspen chalet but unfortunately we can’t lie to you. The truth is that Ben Hewitt, Corkcicle’s inventor and the company founder, simply loves wine and hated that there wasn’t a better solution to bothersome wine buckets.

In November 2011, Ben started tinkering in his garage, creating prototype after prototype. It was a lengthy but rewarding process for Ben.

In December 2011, the name generation drawing board began. The name was one of the most perplexing issues, whether to call the product “Ben’s Magic Wand, “Hewy Wine Chiller”, “Cold Stick” and then finally the “”Corkcicle”.

Corkcicle in bottle

Aided with the marketing expertise of his friend and business partner, Stephen Bruner, the idea quickly became a reality.  More to the point, Stephen brought a high design approach to the product with the name and its icicle form to create our beloved Corkcicle. Shaped like an icicle with a cork stopper for the wine. It just makes sense.

Corkcicle on boxThe product was first seen by the public in July 2011 at a trade show in the States and blew the world by an icy storm. It went on to win several awards, including the 2012 Stevie Award for Best New US Company.

As the manufacturing process got underway, it became clear that Corkcicle needed a rainmaker to help deliver the product and get it effectively introduced to the retail world. A close friend of Ben and Stephen, Eric Miller, VP of Sales at a Fortune 100 medical device company, embarked on the Corkcicle and helped the Corkcicles success ever since.

Together, the three have built a brand that represents true ingenuity and captures the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Proving that great ideas still matter and that with hard work and great partners, anything’s possible.