Third Mona Lisa Found | The Mona Lisa Corkcicle

Mona Lisa CorkcicleThe art world is taken by storm today, as not only two versions of the Mona Lisa have been discovered and historic third painting has been found.

This astounding moment in art history has caused a bit of a kerfuffle for experts however as lovers of the Mona Lisa now have to make comparisons between the versions.

Yes, we can officially reveal a third portrait has emerged in the collection. After all the scepticism and confliction in the art world, it has been agreed the portrait will also be presented early next year in Milan. The painting of Mona Lisa bearing a Corkcicle, found in a Tuscan Renaissance Casa.

The Corkcicle has art historians in disbelief, as it’s not generally associated with this time period. It is clear Mona Lisa is holding one of the first models of the Corkcicle, something unforeseen by the public.

The question on everyone’s lips now, is how and where Leonardo da Vinci obtained these advanced tools, and how they manage to keep the Corkcicle frozen. Experts are now trying to find the 14th century model of the Corkcicle, estimated to be worth £2,800,000.

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