Taste Festival Berlin Features Corkcicle

Taste Festival in Berline CorkcicleCorkcicle are delighted to be featured at the Taste Festival in Berlin.

The Taste Festival is a 10-day Festival in Berlin starting 1st June and running until 10th June that introduces outstanding designers, food curators, artists, chefs and producers. Aimed at food enthusiasts and industry professionals the Festival is an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about taste, sourcing of ingredients, the experimentation behind the dishes and the cultural significance of dining.

The Taste Festival features an exclusive exhibition and shows works representing 50 internationally recognised designers and artists in addition to hosting food events, mini-markets, presentations and parties. Corkcicle will be displayed at the festival due to the design and innovative appeal of the product.
Taste displays not only the quality and fantasy of the latest New Food Culture but also shows how the visual effects of graphic design, illustration, performance and architecture spill into and influence the field of food and design.

The Corkcicle wine chiller keeps your white wines at the perfect temperature and brings overheated red wines to the perfect cellar temperature.

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