The Corkcicle featured in Absolutely Notting Hill

Notting Hill is famous for many things, from the yearly carnival vibrating the whole of London, to Hugh Grant prancing around in a film I have forgotten the name of. But now, the Corkcicle of all things is stealing the limelight in West London.

The Corkcicle in Absolutely Notting Hill

The Corkcicle in Absolutely Notting Hill

Thanks to Absolutely Notting Hill’s wondrous acknowledgment, in which we are delighted about, the Corkcicle is taking Notting hill by storm. The magazine that is based around luxury and style has definitely impacted the façade around the item. It covers the crème de le crème of locale produce, styles and places to eat so therefore we are delighted to have been featured. If you missed the article, find the abstract below:

A new solution to the perennial problem of keeping white wine cool when it’s out of the fridge comes from Corkcicle. It’s a freezable, cork-topped wand that slides into a wine bottle and keeps it chilled to perfection. Portable, reusable and entirely sensible.” 

Since, the mention the Corkcicle has been invading the streets of Notting Hill, popping itself in bottles of whites, reds and sparkling’s from Ladbroke Grove to Westbourne Park, who knows Hugh Grant might be using his Corkcicle now. Take a read and please share if you see a Corkcicle near you.

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