The Corkcicle in Colour

Colourfully cool bottlesColoufully coolAfter a successful year in the UK for the Corkcicle, we have now broadened our range. The all new vibrant Corkcicle Colour has been introduced to add a splash of colour to wine drinking.

This Corkcicle Colour range has been designed to embellish and personalise the Corkcicle to a wider spectrum. With four new pop-inspired colours, Corkcicle lovers are given more option to find a Corkcicle that matches any kitchen, dining space or wherever one chooses to sip wine.

Not only does the Corkcicle Colour brighten up wine, the Corkcicle colourful tops are interchangeable. By simply unscrewing the top off the Corkcicle people can now create their own unique combination. The possibilities are endless, switching tops to revitalise the Corkcicle process. It’s the new colourful way to maintain the temperature of chilled white wines, sparkling wines and cools room temperature reds.

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