The right wine for summer

Corkcicle chills your summer winesThe 2012 list of  Wines listing the best wines to serve at your summer barbecue.

There is never a more appropriate time to sip wine than at a nice summers barbecue. So we want to ensure that the wine is perfect for these joyous occasions.

“Even the most dedicated food-and-wine matcher sometimes goes astray when it comes to a barbecue. Why is it OK to serve lager, sickly-sweet ‘blush’ wine or a pot-luck selection of guest-given bottles with fine barbecue food, when that wouldn’t do if we were sitting indoors? Serve really good barbecue dishes,  and a little thought is surely in order when it comes to the wine”.

All barbecued food deserves to have the right beverage to accommodate these strong tastes. From lamb to pork to some  lovely crunchy salmon fillets , there is always a wine to tailor  to your  summer palette.

Try these suggested wines:

Tesco Finest Tingleup Riesling 2011, Western Australia (£9.99)

A very useful summer white, this, with hugely tangy, refreshing lemon and lime, and lip-smacking, bracing acidity. The hint of sweetness is fab with  pork and a fruity chutney.


R3 Pinot Noir 2011, Awatere Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand (Marks & Spencer, (£12.99)

There’s oodles of plush, ripe blackcurrant and raspberry here but in a fresh, soft style, and seemingly dipped in a little dark chocolate. Gorgeous with mildly spiced, smoky lamb dishes.


Yali Wetland Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Rapel, Chile (Majestic, £7.49, down to £5.99 for two or more until 3 September)

Yali holds up well against the competition for good-value sauv blanc, especially on this offer.


The Corkcicle can assure whatever wine you choose to serve at your barbecue,  it will  keep at  the  perfect temperature. There is no need for ice in your white wine or your red wine overheating. Just place the Corkcicle inside your wine bottle and  enjoy your summers day!




2 Responses to “The right wine for summer”

  1. Robert Laughton September 17, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Does the Corkcicle work in sparkling wines and champagne. I have been told that the neck is thinner therefore was wondering if the corkcicle would fit in

    • Ingram September 17, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

      Yes the Corkcicle works in pretty much all champagne and sparkling wine. You do get some bottles with different shaped necks but these are quite rare.

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