What beer bottles does the Chillsner fit into?

The Chillsner beer cooler is the World’s first in-bottle beer cooler.

Now you can keep your beer cold while you drink. So no need for that warm last gulp that makes you wish you had discarded the beer bottle a few sips before.

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As you can imagine designing an in-drink cooler is not easy, there is a lot to consider. This blog tackles one of the most important factors – will the Chillsner fit in any size beer bottle?

Chillsner Beer Cooler from CorkcicleBeer bottles come in lots of different shapes and sizes and so it is vital to make sure the Chillsner is prepared for whatever tipple you desire. The standard beer bottle in the UK is the 330ml bottle but the 275ml bottles appear a lot in supermarkets. The neck size also can vary so we wanted to test as many beer bottles as possible including some of the most popular beers available in the UK.

Below you can see the start of our testing. I have placed Chillsner in 6 different brands of beer bottle and included some 275ml, 330ml and some larger bottles in there. The good news is that so far the Chillsner fits into every bottle I have tried, see the images below. Undoubtedly there will be some that it doesn’t quite fit into but so far so good. If you want to get in on the discussion please comment below.

Oh and the other important point.. It keeps my beer ice cold!

The Chillsner is just one of  many cooling devises Corkcicle have to offer, making drinking beer, wine or spirits evermore enjoyable. Perfectly cool – the way it should be drunk.   For more Corkcicle products click here.

Any wholesale enquiries about the Chillsner Beer Cooler get in touch here.

P.s. Excuse the photography but you get the picture.. (pun intended)


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  1. Carole August 1, 2013 at 7:24 am #

    Hello ! You can also find Corkcicle for wine bottles on Le Dindon website

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